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Simple Wills

A properly drafted and executed Last Will and Testament can help you prepare for the unforeseen and protect your family. It can be difficult to think about these things, but taking the time now to plan for the future can ease the burden on your family should anything happen to you.


A Will can designate who will receive your property upon your death and establishes who will see to your affairs.  If you have children, the only way to designate a guardian for them is by having a Will.  You can also create testamentary trusts for the care of your children and other dependents in your Will.

In the event that you become incapacitated you may need people to act on your behalf, care for your children, and make medical decisions for you. Lisa will also help you draft the following:

  • General durable power of attorney, authorizing a trusted agent to make financial decisions for you;

  • Health care directive, giving someone the power to make medical decisions including carrying out of your end-of-life wishes;

  • HIPAA authorization, stating who has the authority to talk to your doctors and access your medical records;

  • Standby guardianship, identifying someone who will be responsible for the temporary care of your children.

Planning for the future can seem intimidating.  Let Lisa provide you compassionate and personalized advice to help you meet the needs of your loved ones.



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