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Unbundled Legal Services

“Unbundled Legal Services” can also be described as “discrete task” or “limited representation” for clients who are self-represented. Rather than taking on full representation of the matter, Lisa can provide one or more specific services out of the range of possible bundled services that comprise an entire case. The result is lower costs to self-represented individuals and better access to justice for all.


Some examples of unbundled services include:


  • Drafting deeds, purchase and sale agreements, and residential leases.

  • Providing legal advice through office visits, telephone calls or email.

  • Evaluation of clients’ case and advising client about legal rights.

  • Guidance and procedural information for filing or serving documents.

  • Reviewing correspondence and court documents.

  • Preparing and/or suggesting documents to be prepared.

  • Legal research and analysis.

  • Planning for negotiations.

  • Referring client to other counsel and to other experts.


Purchasing "unbundled" or limited representation legal services is not a workable alternative for highly contested conflicts, where there is a great difference in the power relationship between the plaintiff and defendant, or complex cases where full representation is in the best interests of the client.  But for some routine matters, purchasing discrete legal services and limited representation is one method of making legal services affordable. 

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